Tarkolay mitigates adverse conditions by separating the sports surface from the subfloor. Through isolation, an imperfect subfloor is less likely to affect the integrity of the surface installation.

Tarkolay is a dimensionally stable underlayment with a smooth surface for excellent adhesion to the sports floor.

The embossed texture of Tarkolay allows water vapor from the subfloor to dissipate without building pressure that would harm the integrity of the installation

Tarkolay is backed with a 15 year moisture resistance warranty, up to 100% RH. Every flooring installation is different. In some cases, high moisture, cracks, joints, or other factors present challenges that require an underlayment. Tarkolay separates the flooring system away from the slab removing the ability for vapor pressure to form. Tarkolay can also assist with challenges over other concrete imperfections at the surface.

Tarkolay can address concrete moisture conditions and does not require any initial moisture testing. It is also a FloorScore® certified underlayment that can resolve high moisture and other issues while still maintaining the highest standard of indoor air quality.

Tarkolay embodies four categories of sustainability, providing not only superior performance, but stewardship of the environment and care for individual health.

Tarkolay is one part of a system approach in lieu of just a product. Tarkolay when used in conjunction with our water proof Multi-Poxy system is the key to creating long lasting and more trouble free installations.


• No Moisture Testing Required

• Removes concrete moisture conditions

• FloorScore® certified

• High dimensional stability with smooth surface for excellent adhesion to sports floor

• Embossed bottom texture keeps subfloor water vapor away from sports floor

•  15 year moisture resistance warranty with Omnisports and a 10 year moisture resistance warranty with PolyTurf Plus Pad and Pour, up to 100% RH

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Tarkolay help against cracks and joint issues with your subfloor?
Tarkolay is an underlayment that isolates the flooring system away from the substrate, at the same time removing the potential for vapor pressure to form.

What percent RH (relative humidity) does Tarkolay fall under?
Tarkolay is has relative humudity (RH) values tested according to ASTM F2170 up to 100% RH. That is the best on the market.

Health and the Environment

Tarkolay embodies four categories of sustainability, providing not only superior performance, but stewardship of the environment and care for individual health.

Good Materials
• No formaldehyde
• No REACH restricted chemicals

Resource Stewardship
• Tarkett’s history of conservation
• ISO 14001 manufacturing

People Friendly Spaces
• FloorScore® certified

Reuse and Recycle
• Recyclable material*