Omnisports is becoming one of the most popular, versatile gym floors in North America. Omnisports can accommodate tables and chairs, while its performance characteristics are ideal for basketball, volleyball, martial arts, yoga, and many other activities. This makes Omnisports the perfect gym floor for schools, universities, and community centers, where a variety of sports or events might occur.

Omnisports is more than just a versatile gym floor. For creative designers and architects who choose Omnisports, they are offered a wide range of color selections and patterns with which to complete nearly any design vision.

Are you looking to highlight the free throw lane with a contrasting color? Or do you desire to add color beyond the sidelines or baseline to highlight the playing area, all while matching the school or facility colors?

With Omnisports and its wide range of colors, you can use the material as a substitute to game line paint. Omnisports can be cut into any shape needed. So not just center circles, basketball keys and borders, but different shapes, stripes, patterns, and so on.

If you want to use state-of-the-art game line paint, Gen-U-Line 4000 Series Game Line Paints are the recommended paints for Omnisports because of their proven performance with the surface. There are also a wide range of color selections to help complete nearly any design vision.


Are you looking to add a school or facility logo to the center circle or on the sideline or baseline? With Omnisports, you are not limited to just basketball and volleyball game lines. Logos, stenciling, dots, hopscotch and any other markings are possible, not to mention pickleball, badminton and other game lines. When you choose Omnisports, there are near-endless possibilities in tailoring a court to your design vision.


Generally, color affects the mood of a space. No matter what mood you’re trying to convey, with Omnisports there are countless, inspiring results. An Omnisports floor can be designed using school colors or to an owner’s desired color scheme by mixing and matching material colors, game line paints, and inlaying patterns with the market’s best woodgrain designs.

Unlike some sport vinyl floors, Omnisports has the same embossed surface on both wood grain patterns and solid colors. This means consistent playability and the freedom to incorporate wood patterns with solid colors without worrying about different material textures.

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