Dance is a unique physical activity that has specific performance demands when it comes to flooring

Dancefloor meets those standards in a precise way. The floor does not have the polyurethane coating that is common to sports surfaces, which provides a surface with extra grip. It also generates a measure of shock absorption through a foam backing that reduces strain.


A talented dancer needs a good floor to elevate dance to the level of art—a floor that allows them to focus on performance rather than fatigue or potential stress injuries—that liberates them to create beauty through motion without second guessing each step. But aside from performance characteristics, decisions about dancefloors often depend on the answers to several key questions:

Is Tarkett’s Dancefloor the preferred dance surface for any major arts centers?

Tarkett’s Dancefloor has been the preferred dance surface of the Australian Ballet for nearly 4 decades. The partnership began in 1974 when Production Director Bill Akers was tasked by the American Choreographer Glen Tetley to improve the Marley floor used by the Australian Ballet, which was strongly affected by humidity conditions. After collaborating with Tarkett, the worldwide leader in resilient vinyl surfaces, Dancefloor was created to meet performance needs as well as the practical requirements of the studio. The floor continues to be the preferred surface of the Australian Ballet and can be found in most major arts centers in Australia, including the Sydney Opera House.

Are the characteristics of dance floors fundamental to creating art?

Yes, they definitely are. Dancefloor provides shock absorption to increase comfort without excessive bounce. It has uniform properties so dancers know what to expect in every corner of the stage or studio. Tarkett’s Dancefloor resilient vinyl, is designed with the friction dancers prefer.

Is Tarkett’s Dancefloor affordable?

Tarkett believes that cost should not be a barrier to any studio or company that wants a high performance sprung floor. The talent and dedication of every dancer calls for a surface with equal commitment to greatness.


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