Tarkett Sports offers a Badminton Kit that will fit the needs of any facility and level of competition.

Sports floors with game lines for a multitude of sports and activities and that can create confusion for participants. The Badminton Kit eliminates these issues by providing a portable surface with the correct markings specifically for badminton.


Important considerations for badminton surfaces  include: optimal surface friction for performance; uniformity and safety; easy maintenance without stripping; and protection against scratches. Aside from performance characteristics, decisions about choosing the right badminton surface often depends on the answers to several key questions:

What makes the Omnisports Badminton Kit different from the average sports floor in a gymnasium?

It is a two piece floor that can be installed in 30 minutes using single-sided tape.

What resources are available for floor maintenance and protection?

In choosing any badminton surface, it is important to budget lifetime maintenance costs along with the cost of the flooring. The Omnisports Badminton Kit uses the Omnisports’ TopClean xp™ surface treatment which provides extra durability and cost-effective maintenance, while also protecting against scratches and sole marks.

Does the Omnisports Badminton Kit come with a warranty?

Omnisports contains a pigmented wear layer made from pure PVC, and carries an industry-leading 15-year warranty.



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