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Types of Flooring

Maple Hardwood

Maple hardwood is the traditional choice for basketball. There are more hardwood courts than any other type of indoor sports flooring. The prevalence of hardwood makes it preferred for competitive sports; coaches and teams want to play on the same type of surface at home and away. Young players also want to be accustomed to hardwood as they advance toward professional competition. The downside to hardwood is high maintenance costs and less versatility. Wood patterned vinyl has become a popular alternative for that reason. Tarkett Sports' hardwood maple flooring is called ClutchCourt.

Pad and Pour Polyurethane

One of the toughest and most durable sports flooring solutions is a pad and pour polyurethane. It is suitable for basketball and other indoor activities while standing up to high point loads and rolling loads. If you need a surface for sports that can also withstand heavy equipment, a pad & pour polyurethane is an excellent option. It is common in field houses and multipurpose areas and it is the only sports flooring system that is completely seamless. Tarkett Sports' pad & pour system is PolyTurf Plus, which is manufactured by Tarkett's Beynon Sports Surfaces.

Recycled Rubber with EPDM

This particular type of rubber flooring is intended for practicality rather than competitive game play. If you are considering flooring options for a weight room, training room, or fitness center, this is the ideal surface. Recycled rubber with EPDM chips is commonly available in easy-to-install rolls or tiles. Dropzone is the Tarkett Sports' line of rubber flooring for this application.

Sports Linoleum

Tarkett Sports is leading the way in this category. As a class 1 shock absorbing floor according to ASTM F2772, EcoPure 4.6 mm linoleum is ideal for light recreational activities in kindergartens, elementary school gyms, or even gyms that double as cafeterias. It has extreme abrasion resistance and very low maintenance cost. Most importantly, EcoPure linoleum is one of the most sustainable sports flooring options. If the environment is a key concern and you are working toward a LEED certified facility, it is certified Cradle to Cradle® Silver and uses only natural, renewable components.

Sports Vinyl

Vinyl provides a high degree of shock absorption, uniformity, and comfort for athletes. It is ideal for basketball, volleyball, and many other activities, but it really excels in multipurpose gymnasiums. If your area will host not only sports, but conferences, assemblies, and events, a good choice might be a shock absorbing vinyl floor. For this reason, it is most common in K-12 schools, community centers, and churches. Tarkett Sports' sports vinyl product is Omnisports.

Vulcanized Rubber

Vulcanized rubber is usually comprised of a recycled underlayment with a virgin rubber layer on top for color. Its high level of energy return reduces fatigue, but it is less suitable for activities like basketball in comparison to vinyl or hardwood. Durability is also a key characteristic. Choose this surface if your area needs to endure extreme static and rolling loads like heavy equipment or large bleachers.

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