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Dropzone is the simplest weight room or fitness flooring option. Available in tiles or rolls, it is a durable surface that provides traction, sound insulation, and comfort. Dropzone is made from nearly 100% recycled rubber, making it an environmentally responsible solution for weight room flooring.

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Dropzone Diagram Dropzone is weight room flooring in its most fundamental form.  This single-ply, high density floor is manufactured with nearly 100% recycled rubber, giving it the most recycled content in the Dropzone line of flooring by percentage.  It provides optimal traction, comfort, sound insulation, and above all durability.  Dropzone is available in 23” x 23” interlocking rubber floor tiles, 36" x 36" straight edge tiles, or 48” wide rolls.

1 – Interlocking Tiles, Straight Edge Tiles, or Rolls: Dropzone offers a variety of format options for installation, making it adaptable to any facility or preference. Whether using interlocking rubber floor tiles, straight edge tiles, or rolls, the surface pattern of Dropzone makes seams disappear, giving the look of one continuous rubber floor.

2 – Standard Thickness of 8 mm: Dropzone’s 8 mm of recycled rubber flooring provides protection, comfort, sound insulation, and above all durability for your gym.

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  • Sports Performance: Dropzone embodies the characteristics that make quality weight room flooring. It has excellent tensile strength (200 psi - ASTM D412), static load tolerance (400 psi - ASTM F970), impact insulation (54 - ASTM E492) and sound transmission (54 - ASTM E413).
  • Healthier Indoor Air Quality: Dropzone is FloorScore® certified by SCS Global Services. This certification indicates exceptionally low VOC emissions.
  • Tarkett Sports Warranty Protection: Tarkett Sports guarantees the quality and performance of Dropzone with a comprehensive 3 year warranty.


Black DZ00
Black (DZ00)

Installation Options

  • Multi-Poxy Adhesive: Dropzone can be installed using Tarkett Sports' solvent-free Multi-Poxy adhesive. Multi-Poxy is not only safer for the health of installers, it has a high resistance to moisture (92% RH per ASTM F2170) and superior bond strength.

Format Options

  • 36" x 36" square-edge tiles
  • 23" x 23" interlocking tiles
  • 48" wide rolls