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Droptile is a unique rubber floor that is perfect for accommodating heavy exercise equipment and weights. These 1” thick tiles lock together using a hidden dowel system to create the look of a seamless surface. Droptile’s unique elevated subsurface also provides space for wiring and cables, which helps prevent a cluttered exercise environment.

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Droptile Diagram Droptile is a one inch thick tile that provides supreme durability and maximum vibration absorption. It provides the perfect level of support for weights and equipment without showing signs of wear. The elevated profile of Droptile’s subsurface allows wires and cables to be fully integrated beneath the surface, preventing cable clutter. These 24” x 24” x 1” rubber floor tiles can easily be installed over any surface with or without the use of adhesive.

1 – Hidden Dowel Locking System: With Droptile, rubber floor tiles are connected with hidden dowels, locking them together securely without being visible.

2 – Standard 1" Thickness: Droptile consists of 1 inch thick rubber that protects the subfloor, provides comfort for the user, reduces vibration, and increases durability. It also has an elevated subsurface allowing space for for wires and cables to be integrated beneath the floor.

  FloorScore® Certification Logo
  • Healthier Indoor Air Quality: Droptile is FloorScore® certified by SCS Global Services. This certification indicate exceptionally low VOC emissions.
  • No "Cable Clutter": The elevated subsurface of Droptile rubber floor tiles allows cables and wires to be incorporated underneath the surface, reducing tripping hazards and "cable clutter."
  • Added Comfort and Reduced Vibration: Droptile's 1 inch thick surface reduces vibrations caused by the impact of weights while improving comfort under foot.
  • No Adhesive Required: The Droptile system has sufficient weight to allow installation without adhesive. This makes installation faster, less permanent, and better for the environment.
  • Tarkett Sports Warranty Protection: The quality and performance of Droptile is protected by Tarkett Sports with a comprehensive 15 year warranty.


Black DZ00 Steel DZ15 Smoke DZ46 Desert DZ43 Deep Ocean DZ45 Fire Fly DZ47
Deep Ocean
Fire Fly

Installation Options

  • Hidden Dowel Locking System: Each Droptile is connected using a hidden dowel system, fastening each tile together. This method of installation creates a seamless visual effect and secures each tile. Since Droptile has a 1” thickness, reducers are used on the edges of the installation to transition to lower profile areas. No adhesive is required in installation, because of Droptile’s significant weight.

Format Options

  • 24" x 24" Square Edge Tiles