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Omnisports Acoustic Performance

Highly Cellularized Acoustic Foam (HCF™)

Omnisports offers superior sound insulation performance for in-room sound reduction as well as transmission of sound through the floor. This is due to Tarkett Sports' Highly Cellularized Acoustic Foam (HCF™) that forms the base layer of Omnisports. With dense cellular foam, fewer sound waves are allowed to be transmitted directly through the floor and are dissipated in transmission.

In-Room Sound Insulation

These values represent the number of decibels of in-room impact noise reduced by Omnisports according to the NF S31-074 testing standard.

  • Omnisports 3.5 mm = 62 dB
  • Omnisports 5.5 mm = 61 dB
  • Omnisports 7.1 mm = 61 dB
  • Omnisports 9.4 mm = 62 dB

Below-Room Sound Insulation

These values represent the number of decibels reduced by Omnisports in transmitting sound to the room below (ISO 717/02).

  • Omnisports 3.5 mm = 19 dB
  • Omnisports 5.5 mm = 19 dB
  • Omnisports 7.1 mm = 19 dB
  • Omnisports 9.4 mm = 20 dB

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