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Indoor Sports Monthly

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – January 2014 01.31.2014

    Volume 3, Issue 4

    A home court is more than just a playing surface. It is an opportunity for expression. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly explores how colorful courts are supporting team personality and... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – December 2013 12.30.2013

    Volume 3, Issue 3

    No one likes to yell. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly offers some information about “turning down the volume” in a gymnasium by reducing impact sound. Read further and save your... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – November 2013 11.29.2013

    Volume 3, Issue 2

    Sports flooring is not just installed in new facilities. Many installations are renovation projects and not new construction. This issue offers resources for dealing with the complexities... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – October 2013 10.31.2013

    Volume 3, Issue 1

    Have you ever seen a floor that looked like it needed a shave? This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly explores the "five o'clock shadow" phenomenon created by deep linear embossing and why... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – September 2013 09.30.2013

    Volume 2, Issue 12

    This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly highlights the aesthetic choices for maple hardwood courts and explains the differences between two types of vinyl floor manufacturing.  It also... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – August 2013 08.30.2013

    Volume 2, Issue 11

    In this issue of Indoor Sports Monthly, we answer a fundamental question: Why choose sports flooring in the first place? The answer is that there are plenty of reasons to use a sports... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – July 2013 07.31.2013

    Volume 2, Issue 10

    The best time to address a problem is before it occurs. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly offers information about testing subfloor conditions before you install a sports surface.  It... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – June 2013 06.28.2013

    Volume 2, Issue 9

    In addition to performance and safety, maintenance and sustainability are important considerations for sports flooring. This issue offers some effective cleaning tips and outlines the Cradle... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – May 2013 05.31.2013

    Volume 2, Issue 8

    Choosing a sports floor is unlike any other flooring decision, because of the unique properties sports floors exhibit. In this issue of Indoor Sports Monthly, we elaborate on elasticity and... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – April 2013 04.30.2013

    Volume 2, Issue 7

    Good News! The best online resource for indoor sports flooring is now available. Tarkett Sports has launched the new, with features to make the ultimate surface... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – March 2013 03.27.2013

    Volume 2, Issue 6

    True sustainability requires evaluating a floor across every stage of its life. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly offers an overview of Tarkett's sustainability program, a review of 2012... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – February 2013 02.28.2013

    Volume 2, Issue 5

    Indoor sports are not just about competition. They are a way to promote health and physical well-being. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly explores the importance of creating healthy indoor spaces for... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – December 2012 12.21.2012

    Volume 2, Issue 4

    This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly offers some important information on selecting environmentally responsible hardwood flooring. Also, we explore the best way to evaluate a pad and pour... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – November 2012 11.30.2012

    Volume 2, Issue 3

    This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly offers information about choosing a multi-use floor and highlights some of the dangers of "extra grip" sneaker applications, which may cause damage to... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – October 2012 10.26.2012

    Volume 2, Issue 2

    This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly examines how sports surfaces are different from other floor types, particularly in regard to athlete safety, and offers ways to learn more about indoor... +SHOW