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Indoor Sports Monthly – September 2016

Volume 5, Issue 12

Is there more to designing a court than technical performance properties? What about creating a unique look that inspires athletes? There are numerous colors and pattern options to make a one-of-a-kind home court.

AIA Continuing Education

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The building materials industry changes quickly and indoor sports flooring is no exception. Luckily, Tarkett Sports is an AIA Continuing Education provider that can keep you up-to-date and provide learning unit credits to architects at the same time. The Indoor Sports Flooring 101 (IND101) course takes approximately 1 hour and covers all aspects of specifying indoor athletic surfaces. It counts for 1 HSW learning unit and can typically be completed over lunch. If you are interested in setting up a presentation, contact your local Tarkett Sports representative.

The Cambridge School

Getting Creative with your Court

Technical properties, like shock absorption or surface friction, are important to sports flooring decisions, but it’s not solely about practical performance. A court should also inspire athletes and make them want to spend time in the gym. For that, it helps to get creative in your design. Making your court stand out from others is a great way to foster team spirit and turn your facility into a place where everyone wants to play.

Take the Cambridge School in San Diego for example. The School chose Tarkett Sports’ Omnisports™ in part because of its large selection of colors, which allowed them to have a Golden Maple court with a Dark Beech three-point arc and borders. The court was also designed with a colorfully painted school logo at center court. In the school’s surrounding community, there is nothing else like it, making it a source of pride for the school. If you want to create a truly unique athletic surface, contact a Tarkett Sports representative and take advantage of the endless possibilities that a Tarkett floor can offer, or visit to explore your options.

Judging Color Correctly

PolyTurf Plus Color ChartWhen you are designing a new gym floor, or any interior space, you want to be certain that the colors you select accurately reflect what will be installed. In a digital age where everything is online, that presents a new challenge. If you are selecting colors from a website, it is important to realize that all computer monitors display color differently, sometimes drastically so. That means there is no guarantee that what you see on-screen will reflect the true color of the floor. This also holds true for printed colors in brochures; they can differ in hue and gloss from the actual color. Printed or online color representations can be helpful to narrow down your selection, but the only way to accurately choose a color is to order a sample. If you need help selecting colors for any Tarkett Sports floor, contact us at

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