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Indoor Sports Monthly – September 2014

Volume 3, Issue 12

The key to sports flooring success is pairing the right floor with the right sport. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly offers resources for selecting the best type of floor for a particular activity or application.

Tarkett Sports Knows Fitness

As an associate member of the International Health, Racquet & Sports Club Association (IHRSA), Tarkett Sports is focused on the flooring needs of the fitness industry. IHRSA is an organization that advocates for fitness clubs, gyms, and spas. It also provides educational and networking opportunities for club owners. To learn more about IHRSA and its mission, visit

The Right Floor for the Right Sport

The best sports floor always depends on the sports and activities that will take place on that floor. Some floors are better suited for basketball competitions. Others are more suited for multi-use applications. Still others are more appropriate for weight lifting and exercise. A mismatch between the sporting event and the floor can have disastrous results. An extreme example occurred earlier this month in Florida, where a fitness competition involving heavy weights was held on the school’s newly renovated hardwood basketball court. The schools competitive basketball court was dented and damaged, requiring significant repairs before it can be used again.

Thinking ahead to how the space will be used is the most critical part of selecting a sports floor. Luckily, Tarkett Sports has the resources to help you with this sometimes difficult planning. In the Sports Flooring Guide of, you will find descriptions of the various types of sports flooring and their strengths. You can also browse the Applications section to learn about important considerations for each sport and see flooring recommendations. For the best guidance, contact a Tarkett Sports representative to get a personal consultation for your sports flooring project.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Tarkett Sports’ Omnisports is a very popular sports floor for multi-use gyms, but you may not know that it has been used as a temporary sports surface for tournaments and other events. For example, in 2012, Tarkett Sports supplied flooring for the volleyball tournament at the Games for Hope. The event took place at Montreal’s Olympic stadium as a benefit for local children’s hospitals. 33,000 square feet of Omnisports were installed and removed just for the tournament. Visit the featured installation section of to learn about this unique application of Omnisports multi-use sports flooring.

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