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Indoor Sports Monthly – October 2014

Volume 4, Issue 1

A hardwood basketball court can be a great asset to your sports program, but make sure you know how to protect your investment. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly provides guidance on maintaining a hardwood court.

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Tarkett Sports will be exhibiting at the Texas Charter Schools Conference in Houston, Texas on December 10-12. Visit us at booth number 442 to learn about all the sports flooring solutions available through Tarkett. Whether it is a multi-use gym, weight room, or a competitive basketball court, Tarkett has a sports surface to meet your needs.

Protecting  Your Basketball Court

A Maple basketball court can create a great sports venue for competition that keeps with the tradition of basketball flooring. However, a hardwood court is different than resilient sports flooring in one key way. Wood is hygroscopic. This means that a wood floor will exchange moisture with its surroundings until equilibrium is reached. The result of this process is expansion and contraction of the wood surface and substructure. To keep your court in top-notch condition, it is important to understand the nature of wood and the effect of environmental conditions. Maintaining a relative humidity of 35% to 50% is best. Should levels become greater than 50%, immediate action should be taken to lower the relative humidity in the environment. Temperature is also a critical consideration and should stay between 55°F - 85°F. HVAC systems should remain in operation at all times. For more information on maintaining a maple sports floor, visit the Care and Maintenance section of or contact a Tarkett Sports representative.

Know Your Concrete

A key factor in successful sports flooring is understanding the subfloor conditions before installation. This October, Tarkett Sports hosted the ICRI’s Moisture Testing Certification Course as part of its regular installation training program. This independent course is the only accredited program in North America. It is provided through a partnership with the ICRI (International Concrete Repair Institute) and the American Concrete Institute. According to the ICRI, the purpose of the program is “to help improve the performance of concrete slab moisture testing in the U.S. to result in more consistent, accurate results that will help flooring manufacturers, architects, and contractors to make better decisions as to when a concrete floor is ready for a floor covering installation.” Topics include: ASTM F1869 (Calcium Chloride: MVER), ASTM F2170 (In-Situ Probe: RH), and PH testing via ASTM F710. To learn more about training and certification, visit for information and upcoming course dates.

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