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Indoor Sports Monthly – October 2013

Volume 3, Issue 1

Have you ever seen a floor that looked like it needed a shave? This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly explores the "five o'clock shadow" phenomenon created by deep linear embossing and why Tarkett's Omnisports flooring is the solution.

A Worldwide Flooring Presence

You may know that Tarkett is a prominent flooring manufacturer and a leader in sustainability, but did you know that it currently has operations in 84 locations across the globe? Visit the Tarkett corporate website to see a map of all the current facilities and learn more about Tarkett's worldwide presence in residential, commercial, and sports flooring.

Does Your Floor Have a Five O'clock Shadow?

There are two basic categories of surface embossing among vinyl sports floors: Linear and Non-Linear. A linear embossed surface has deep striations that quickly trap dirt, creating an effect commonly known as "the five o'clock shadow." This type of surface requires vigorous and persistent cleaning to maintain its original appearance. The alternative is non-linear embossing, which allows fewer opportunities for dirt to become attached to the surface. With this type of embossing, cleaning is less frequent and easier to accomplish. Tarkett Sports' Omnisports is an example of a non-linear sports surface.

The Creation of Wood Grain Patterns

If you read the article above, you might be wondering why a manufacturer would use linear embossing, given its negative effect on cleaning. The reason: it is intended to accentuate the wood grain appearance of floors using a printed film to create a pattern. In this case, linear embossing is necessary, because the underlying pattern typically lacks depth and realistic contrast. Tarkett Sports' Omnisports uses a different technology that allows highly realistic wood grains without needing the augmentation of embossing. It's called heliogravure. In this process, multiple cylinders apply a succession of colors that build the image in layers, much like an artist layering oil paint on a canvas. This creates the variations and contrast that are characteristic of real wood, making it the most realistic method for wood grain pattern creation.

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