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Indoor Sports Monthly – November 2014

Volume 4, Issue 2

The first step in a game plan is knowing your options. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly offers some information on how to approach sports flooring projects with high moisture conditions.

Mark Your Calendar for IHRSA 2015

As an associate member of IHRSA, Tarkett Sports will be exhibiting at the 2015 IHRSA Convention and Trade Show on March 11-14 in Los Angeles, California. This event is a learning and networking opportunity for all those involved in the fitness industry. Come visit booth #606 to explore all the fitness flooring options available from Tarkett Sports.

A Game Plan for High Moisture

Excessive moisture in the concrete slab can ruin a sports floor. Fortunately, there are solutions available that can mitigate the adverse effects of moisture. Here are the most popular options and some general information about each. Remember, you should always perform proper moisture testing and consult a Tarkett Sports representative to determine which solution is best. Some circumstances can make one solution better than another, so it is important to consult an expert to find the right strategy.

Omnisports GreenLay™: When installed with the 98% adhesive-free GreenLay™ system, Omnisports can accommodate moisture of up to 92% RH per ASTM F2170. The is by far the most popular way to address high moisture because of the additional benefits associated with GreenLay™, such as faster installation, easier recycling, and easier subfloor access. Learn more about Omnisports GreenLay™ at

Tarkolay: Tarkolay is a vinyl moisture barrier that serves as an underlayment for Omnisports flooring. By installing this barrier between the concrete and the adhesive, it can allow moisture conditions as high as 98% RH per ASTM F2170.

Full Adhesive: Tarkett Sports flooring that is installed using Multi-Poxy Adhesive can tolerate moisture conditions that other sports floors cannot, up to 92% RH per ASTM F2170. This includes Omnisports, EcoPure, PolyTurf Plus Pad and Pour, and Dropzone flooring.

The Linoleum Renaissance

As a flooring surface, linoleum has been around for over 100 years. It’s popularity declined in the 1950’s and 60’s with the introduction of PVC as an alternate material. However, thanks to innovations such as Tarkett’s xf™ surface finish, linoleum has seen a revival in recent years. The xf™ finish has eliminated the need for waxing and created a surface that is extremely abrasive resistant and easy to maintain. Another reason linoleum is making a comeback is its usage of natural and renewable materials, such as linseed oil, wood powder, and rosin. With the environmental challenges of today, taking a step back can sometimes be the best way to move forward. Going back to the renewable materials of linoleum can be a valid strategy for creating a sustainable loop of production. Visit to learn about EcoPure linoleum sports flooring and how it can be a unique and sustainable solution for your gymnasium.

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