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Indoor Sports Monthly – November 2013

Volume 3, Issue 2

Sports flooring is not just installed in new facilities. Many installations are renovation projects and not new construction. This issue offers resources for dealing with the complexities of existing floors.

Tarkett History

Innovation comes from Experience

Most people are unaware that Tarkett has been operating since 1886. The extensive knowledge and experience gained over the past 127 years is the key reason Tarkett has become an innovative leader in flooring today. To learn more about the history of Tarkett and its companies, visit the Tarkett Group website.

Sports Flooring Installation: Replacing Old Floors

Carpet, VCT, and Sports FlooringA majority of sports flooring installations are part of renovation projects rather than new construction. Installing a new sports floor in an area with an existing floor adds a degree of complexity that must be taken seriously. For example, when the previous floor contains asbestos, regulations for removal must be followed and safety measures observed; when cutback adhesive is present, it must be removed in the right way to ensure proper installation of the new floor. These considerations are just a few of the scenarios that can arise when replacing existing floors. Sports flooring renovations can rejuvenate your gym, but undertaking this type of project can require careful planning and even a little creativity. Your Tarkett Sports representative can be a valuable resource and help guide you through the process. By knowing the pitfalls, you can increase your chances of success and be one step closer to a new sports surface.

The Origin of EcoPure Sports Linoleum

Near the geographic center of Italy is Tarkett’s linoleum manufacturing facility in Narni. This Cradle to Cradle® Silver certified facility is the origin of EcoPure sports linoleum and many other Tarkett linoleum products for residential and commercial use. Its manufacturing process incorporates natural and renewable materials like linseed oil, wood, resin, and cork. The Narni facility produces an astounding 43 million square feet of linoleum per year and is a key part of Tarkett’s environmental initiatives through the use of natural materials.

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