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Indoor Sports Monthly – May 2016

Volume 5, Issue 8

Sports Flooring is changing for the better. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly shows how today’s gyms are becoming safer and more comfortable for athletes through the specification of real sports surfaces.

Team Sports Conference

Join Tarkett Sports at Team Sports Expo 2016

Tarkett Sports will be exhibiting along with FieldTurf at the 2016 Team Sports Conference and Expo. The event will take place June 27-29 at Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois. This event will showcase new products and allow you the opportunity to network with educators and sports professionals from around the country. Join us at booth #1605 to learn more about the industry-leading sports surfaces provided by Tarkett.

Removing VCT

Chipping Away at VCT in the Gym

In years past, it was much more common to see a school or community gymnasium with surfaces like VCT (vinyl composite tile) or carpet. Today there are fewer such floors, because stakeholders realize that athletics surfaces require different performance characteristics. Although it may be tempting to use commercial flooring for budgetary reasons or simply for convenience, the potential effect on player safety and gameplay is not worth the risk. Unlike carpet and VCT, true athletic floors provide the proper surface friction and reduce strain on lower extremities with shock absorption. An athletic floor is also specifically designed to provide adequate ball rebound for basketball, insuring a consistent playing surface. The requirements that separate sports flooring from other flooring types are defined in ASTM F2772. If you would like to know more about ASTM F2772 and what makes sports flooring distinct from other flooring systems, contact a Tarkett Sports representative and ask about our Indoor Sports Flooring 101 continuing education course. It counts for one learning unit (LU) credit in health, safety, and welfare (HSW) and is registered through the AIA.

REACH for a Higher Standard

Ottawa Recreation CenterSorting out the environmental impact of flooring is not easy. Luckily, there are certain regulations and programs that can indicate good environmental practices and give you more peace of mind about your decisions. The REACH program, which stands for “Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Chemical Restriction,” is regarded as one of the most stringent hazardous chemical regulations in the world. It has been enforced among European manufacturers since 2007. With REACH, any consumer product containing a recognized hazardous substance in a concentration greater than 0.1% (by mass) must carry a warning label.

So how can a European regulation help evaluate flooring in North America? By looking for products that are manufactured or sold within the EU, you can get an indication of the chemical composition standards used in their production. Ask your sports flooring provider if the athletic surface you are considering is compliant with REACH. Compare that to some products from countries with no regulation of hazardous materials and the decision becomes easy.

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