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Indoor Sports Monthly – May 2013

Volume 2, Issue 8

Choosing a sports floor is unlike any other flooring decision, because of the unique properties sports floors exhibit. In this issue of Indoor Sports Monthly, we elaborate on elasticity and how it relates to sports performance.

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Elastic Properties of Sports Flooring

Describing a floor's elastic response to force is one of the many ways athletic surfaces are categorized. Although there are many types of elasticity, the two most common classifications are area-elastic and point-elastic. Each of these flooring types has its own unique properties, which should be taken into account when choosing a sports floor. For information on this and other sports flooring considerations, visit the Sports Flooring Guide section of

An area-elastic floor deforms over a large area when compressed by a downward force such as an athlete running. All traditional wood flooring systems are typically area-elastic.

A point elastic system only deforms near the point of impact, leaving the surrounding surface area relatively motionless. Point-elastic floors include resilient flooring systems like vinyl, rubber, polyurethane, and linoleum.

Proactive Sports Flooring Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining a gym floor, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Since about 80% of surface soiling is brought from outside the facility, keeping dirt out will go a long way in reducing a costly and laborious cleaning schedule. Around 90% of outside soiling can be prevented by a correctly dimensioned entrance mat. This simple and inexpensive measure can increase the life of your floor and reduce the need for maintenance. Visit the Care and Maintenance section of to get maintenance recommendations for all Tarkett Sports flooring.

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