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Indoor Sports Monthly – June 2015

Volume 4, Issue 9

Pairing your choice of flooring with your fitness equipment is important. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly explains why coated dumbbells should be paired with recycled rubber to avoid difficult to remove scuff marks.

EcoPure Colors

EcoPure Linoleum Creates a Colorful Playing Surface

Who says a gym floor can’t be creative? Tarkett Sports’ EcoPure sports linoleum can help you create a unique spaces for sports and recreation with bright colors and a one-of-a-kind marble pattern. The new 2015 color assortment offers more coordinates, brighter colors, and even an option without pigment at all. There are numerous possibilities. Visit the EcoPure webpage at for more information.

Coated Weights

Coated Weights May Cause Scuffs on Certain Types of Rubber Flooring

Dumbbells have a variety of finishes, including chrome, black oxide, powder-coated steel, and stainless steel. However, the use of rubber-coated or urethane-coated free weights have dramatically increased in popularity among fitness clubs. A primary reason is the durability of coated weights under heavy use. They are less likely to chip and maintain their appearance longer than uncoated finishes. The downside to using rubber or urethane coated weights is that they can potentially leave hard-to-remove scuff marks on certain types of flooring. Vulcanized rubber surfaces appear to be more susceptible to scuffs, while recycled rubber and EPDM rubber are highly resistant to the effects of coated dumbbells. Coordinating your weight room flooring with your free weight equipment will help can improve the longevity and appearance of both investments.

Putting Wires and Cables in Their Place

Droptile Wire RoutingElectronics have become a ubiquitous part of the modern fitness environment. In almost every weight room or fitness club, you will also find TV monitors, PA systems, computers, and other devices. Each one of these electronic devices requires cables and wires to operate, which can be problematic in an area reserved for movement and exercise. Tarkett Sports’ Droptile offers a unique solution to “cable clutter.” Droptile is a 1” thick, 24” x 24” tile made from durable recycled rubber with EPDM color chips. The subsurface of each tile has channels that allow cables and wires to be routed underneath the floor (the diagram above illustrates the routing of cables under one individual Droptile). This keeps the surface clear of potential tripping hazards and provides a cleaner appearance at the same time. For more information, visit the Droptile webpage at

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