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Indoor Sports Monthly – June 2013

Volume 2, Issue 9

In addition to performance and safety, maintenance and sustainability are important considerations for sports flooring. This issue offers some effective cleaning tips and outlines the Cradle to Cradle® approach to sustainable manufacturing.

Cradle to Cradle

Defining Sustainability

The Cradle to Cradle® philosophy doesn't focus on reducing environmental impact, it advocates removing undesirable effects through a circular product design model. In some cases, recycling only delays the fact that the material will eventually end up in a landfill in another form. This is called "down-cycling" and does not ultimately solve the problem of waste. Cradle to Cradle® design strives to create materials that can be reused in technological or biological cycle. Tarkett practices the Cradle to Cradle® design philosophy and has received certification on a variety of products, including EcoPure sports linoleum.

Crayon, Ink, and Marker
What to do about Crayons, Markers, and Ink on Resilient Sports Flooring

Crayons, markers, and ink can be a particular problem for school gymnasiums. Here are some tips for keeping your resilient sports floor relatively stain-free:

  • Treat spots and spills immediately with a clean white rag and a diluted neutral detergent. Then rinse thoroughly with water and dry.
  • Avoid using solvent cleaners. Solvents dilute the pigments within the ink, marker, or crayon, and "open up" the resilient floor, allowing the pigment to penetrate the flooring and become more permanent.
  • Avoid "orange" cleaners that contain d-Limonene. These cleaners can adversely affect vinyl flooring, causing stains to appear after use. Stains can turn up long after the initial application of the cleaner.

The Many Wear Coats of Resicore PU

Resicore PU Wear Coats
Since it is field-constructed, pad & pour polyurethane is one of the more versatile sports flooring options. Tarkett Sports' Resicore PU is particularly adaptable. It has 25 standard colors, 3 shock pad options, and 4 unique wear coats that are designed to meet a variety of circumstances. All Resicore flooring is built for toughness, but for above-and-beyond durability, a Premium or Ultra wear coat adds Shore Hardness, Tensile Strength, and Tear Strength to the floor. There is even a Roller Blade wear coat for roller blade activities that increase these performance properties even further. The only question tough do you want your floor to be?

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