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Indoor Sports Monthly – July 2014

Volume 3, Issue 10

Concrete conditions are pivotal to successful sports flooring projects. So what should you do with a not-so-perfect subfloor? This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly proposes a solution for common concrete problems by using a vinyl moisture barrier.

Worship Facilities Expo

Visit Tarkett Sports at WfX 2014 in Dallas

Sports and recreation ministries have become a vital part of the way churches reach out to the community. As a member of the National Association of Church Design Builders (NACDB), Tarkett Sports understands the unique flooring needs of churches. Visit booth #348 at the 2014 Worship Facilities Expo in Dallas, Texas on October 1-2, and consult with the leader in multi-use sports flooring.

Bad Concrete? Use Tarkolay.

Tarkolay Moisture BarrierA successful sports floor installation hinges on the conditions of the subfloor. If a concrete slab has problems, like high moisture content, joints, or cracks, those problems can literally “work their way to the surface.” Luckily, Tarkett Sports offers a solution that will work in most cases. Tarkolay is a FloorScore® certified underlayment that is loose-laid over the imperfect concrete slab, creating a floating barrier between it and the resilient sports floor on the surface. It has an embossed texture that allows water vapor to dissipate without ever coming into contact with the flooring, tolerating exceptionally high moisture conditions of up to 98% relative humidity (ASTM F2170). Here are a few subfloor scenarios where you may want to consider using Tarkolay:

  • Expansion/contraction joints
  • Multiple pours of concrete
  • High moisture up to 98% RH (ASTM F2170)
  • Cracked concrete
  • Any subfloor where adhesive bonding is unlikely

Arlington and Grapevine Schools Know the Benefits of Omnisports

School Gym with OmnisportsHigh-performance schools begin with a quality space for activity and learning. When it comes to school gymnasiums, there are few sports floors that provide a better sports environment than Tarkett’s Omnisports. Its multi-use functionality, easy maintenance, safety, and indoor air quality make it one of the best investments a school can make.

This summer, that was the conclusion of two Texas school districts in the cities of Arlington and Grapevine, who combined are installing Omnisports in 34 school gymnasiums. As recently as 2012, over 50 school gyms were installed in nearby Fort Worth. More and more schools are discovering the benefits of an Omnisports floor. To learn how Omnisports can improve your gym, visit or contact a Tarkett Sports representative.

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