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Indoor Sports Monthly – July 2013

Volume 2, Issue 10

The best time to address a problem is before it occurs. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly offers information about testing subfloor conditions before you install a sports surface.  It also provides an option for temporary game lines.

Cradle to Cradle

Buildings Magazine recognizes Tarkett for Innovation and Environmental Leadership

Buildings Magazine has acknowledged Tarkett’s Harmonium xf™ linoleum, a commercial flooring provided by Johnsonite, with the 2013 Product Innovations Merit Award. Like other Tarkett linoleum, including EcoPure sports linoleum, Harmonium xf™ is made with a high percentage of natural and rapidly renewable resources. In addition, Tarkett has also been named the 2013 Floor Covering Weekly GreenStep Pinnacle Award Honoree, recognizing its environmental contribution to the flooring industry. For more information, read the full article.

Moisture Testing
Moisture Testing: Essential to a Successful Sports Floor

Regardless of what type of sports surface you choose, understanding the moisture conditions of the subfloor is pivotal to the installation process. By identifying and accounting for high moisture before the floor is installed, you can avoid costly problems later on, such as failed adhesive bonds, bubbling, seam separation, permanent indentations, and water migration into the walls. There are currently two common testing methods:

Calcium Chloride Test: The calcium chloride test (ASTM F1869) determines the moisture vapor emission rate (MVER), which reflects the surface evaporation of water from within the concrete slab. The testing kit includes PH testing materials which should be used alongside all calcium chloride tests.

In-Situ Probe Test: The In-Situ Probe test (ASTM F2170) evaluates conditions within the body of a concrete slab. The probe is placed at a depth of 40% of the total thickness of the poured slab. Values are represented as a percentage of relative humidity by volume.

These tests measure different aspects of the overall moisture conditions and do not necessarily correlate. For more information about moisture conditions and possible solutions, contact Tarkett Sports.

A Solution for Temporary Game Lines

TapeSometimes a gym floor needs to be adaptable, especially in a multipurpose area. For situations like this, one solution is to use temporary game line tape. This tape is usually made of vinyl and is not meant to stay on the floor for a long period of time (some tapes can have adverse effects on the floor if left for too long). A good example is 3M Vinyl Tape #471. You can also search the internet to find many other suppliers. Depending on your needs, temporary tape could be the right option for your gymnasium, but make sure you understand the manufacturer's recommendations first.

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