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Indoor Sports Monthly – February 2015

Volume 4, Issue 5

Knowing how a space will be used is the most important part of successful sports flooring. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly explores the unique indoor environments created by Hot Yoga.

Visit Tarkett Sports at the NJSBGA Expo

On March 16-18, Tarkett Sports will be in Atlantic City, NJ to exhibit at the New Jersey School Building and Grounds Association (NJSBGA) Expo. If you are a facility manager in New Jersey, be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to learn and network. Visit Tarkett Sports to pick up sports flooring tips and explore the flooring options available to you through Tarkett.

Temperature Variations in Hot Yoga Studios

Hot Yoga (Yoga classes in which the indoor space is heated to approximately 105° F) is increasing in popularity. It simulates the hot and humid environment of India, where yoga originated. So what does this mean for facility design? Most hot yoga studios do not want to keep their buildings at 105° all the time. This can mean swings in temperature that can be extreme in some cases. When a studio is not in use or used for other activities, some owners adjust the temperature as much as 30° or 40° daily. This sort of variation can have adverse effects of many types of building materials, including the floor. It is important to moderate the temperature changes by not going to extremes. With a little planning and a consultation with one of Tarkett Sports’ local experts, you can also select a flooring type that is more likely to tolerate temperature swings.

GreenLay™ Experiences

Omnisports GreenLay™ is a revolutionary sports flooring system, but don’t take our word for it. Listen to those who use it every day. In these short videos, hear Principle Architect Walter Altman discuss how GreenLay™ performs in the humid environments of the Southeast. Also, Facility Owner Scott Chitwood talks about using Omnisports GreenLay™ in his 43,000 sq. ft. recreation facility, where rolling loads and equipment are used on a daily basis. These are just a few of the GreenLay™ success stories you will find across North America and around the world. If you are curious about GreenLay™, visit our website or contact your local Tarkett Sports representative.

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