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Indoor Sports Monthly – December 2012

Volume 2, Issue 4

This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly offers some important information on selecting environmentally responsible hardwood flooring. Also, we explore the best way to evaluate a pad and pour polyurethane system.

Learning Environments

Tarkett Sports to Attend 2013 Learning Environments Expo

As a prominent sports flooring provider to education facilities, Tarkett Sports will attend the upcoming Learning Environments Expo at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. The event will take place on January 29-31. Visit booth #563 to learn about all of the flooring solutions offered by Tarkett Sports, including resilient and hardwood gymnasium flooring, and weight room flooring.

Knowing Where Your Court Came From

Tarkett Sustainability LoopIn order to make environmentally responsible decisions about sports flooring, it helps to not only understand the floor itself, but also how it was produced. What environmental impact resulted from the manufacture and distribution of the floor? For hardwood courts, an easy way to establish this fact is by looking for the FSC® Chain-of-Custody Certification. This certification, created by the Forest Stewardship Council™, verifies that each step in production of hardwood flooring, from harvesting to distribution, is performed in a responsible manner. All of Tarkett Sports' ClutchCourt maple flooring can be purchased as FSC® Chain-of-Custody Certified. Visit the Forest Stewardship Council™ website to learn more about this and other certifications related to the production of hardwood flooring.

Don't Let the Numbers Get in the Way of a Good Floor

If you are considering a pad and pour polyurethane sports floor, there's no doubt that you want a tough surface. This means taking into consideration values like shore hardness, tensile strength, and elongation. However, it is important not judge a system based solely on one particular value. Since pad and pour systems are field constructed using multiple layers, they are highly specific to individual projects and need the right mix of performance values. Choosing a floor based on one value might exclude many other good solutions or result in the wrong floor for the circumstances. To cut through the "numbers game," speak with a professional consultant to determine which system is best suited for your particular application.

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