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Indoor Sports Monthly – August 2015

Volume 4, Issue 11

Does your recreation of fitness center have something for everyone? This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly explores how noncompetitive tracks can provide fitness opportunities for any age and ability.

ClutchCourt Performance

ClutchCourt Performance is MFMA PUR Compliant

For harwood maple courts, MFMA PUR standards are the accepted way to distinguish top-of-the-line competitive sports systems. With its PUR Compliant status, Tarkett’s ClutchCourt Performance is just such a system. If you’re ready for a premium hardwood court, visit or visit to learn more about what makes a MFMA PUR Compliance an industry benchmark.

Indoor Noncompetitive Track

A Case for Walking and Jogging Tracks

Incorporating a noncompetitive indoor track in your fitness and recreation center is a great way to make it more inclusive. Walking and jogging is an exercise that almost anyone can participate in, regardless of age or ability. That can easily make an indoor track the most used feature in your facility. It can also provide a fitness outlet for those who care about their health, but are not necessarily weightlifters for basketball players.

Indoor walking and jogging surfaces are readily available, but given the potential for high usage, they need to be tolerant of high traffic. A noncompetitive track surface should also be comfortable under foot and have a degree of shock absorption to lessen the strain on lower extremities. Tarkett Sports offers many suitable options, but the most popular are Dropzone Comfort and Omnisports. Dropzone Comfort is available with a 14.5 mm profile that generates more shock absorption than most other recycled rubber surfaces. Omnisports can offer the potential to have a consistent flooring type across your track and court surfaces. It is also certified asthma & allergy friendly™.

Introducing Dropzone Comfort

Dropzone ComfortWhen it comes to weight room flooring, a top concern is always durability. But there is more to a good fitness floor than withstanding dumbbells, heavy equipment, and heavy traffic. There is also comfort. Dropzone Comfort is a recycled rubber floor that is up to 14.5 mm thick. This gives it a higher degree of shock absorption than most other weight room surfaces. However, Dropzone Comfort really excels as an indoor walking and jogging track. With more shock absorption, it can reduce the strain on lower extremities caused by running. For more information, visit or contact your local Tarkett Sports representative.

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