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Indoor Sports Monthly – August 2014

Volume 3, Issue 11

Tarkett Sports is not just a leader in indoors sports. FieldTurf and Beynon take “the ultimate surface experience” outdoors to the field and track. This issue introduces Tarkett’s world-class outdoor surfaces.

FloorScore® Fitness Flooring

It’s official. Tarkett Sports’ Dropzone weight room and fitness flooring is now FloorScore® certified by SCS Global Services. This exclusive certification represents compliance with California Section 01350, one of the highest indoor air quality standards existing. Certified products include, Dropzone, Dropzone Speckle, and Droptile. This distinction advances Tarkett’s environmental goal of creating people-friendly spaces that are designed for sustainability.

The Ultimate Surface Experience

With Tarkett Sports, the ultimate surfaces experience doesn’t stop on the court or the in the gym. It extends to the playing field and the track as well. The FieldTurf brand of artificial turf is used around the world at the highest levels of competition, including the last two Super Bowls, a Major League Soccer Cup Final, and the World Baseball Classic. In fact, 20 out of 32 NFL teams either play or practice on FieldTurf. In addition to competitive fields, Tarkett’s Beynon Sports Surfaces is the top provider of competitive running tracks in North America. Beynon tracks have been the home of numerous championship events, as well as record breaking times. If you have a sports surface need, indoor or outdoor, chances are that Tarkett Sports has the ultimate solution.

The Importance of Using Entrance Mats

As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This is definitely true for indoor sports surfaces. Around 80% of surface soiling comes from outside the area, but when you place entrance mats at the doorways of your gym, you can prevent about 90% of that dirt from finding its way onto the floor. This is important not only from a safety standpoint (dust and dirt can interfere with the proper amount of surface friction on the sports floor), but also from the standpoint of maintenance cost. The more dirt that is introduced to an area, the more frequently it will need to be cleaned. This simple solution can have a big effect on your maintenance budget and the lifespan of your gym floor. Some mats may work better than others and rubber backed mats are not recommended for some floors, so contact your local janitorial supply company and flooring representative for recommendations.

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