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Indoor Sports Monthly – April 2017

Volume 6, Issue 7

Combination systems are considered among the best athletic surfaces for a reason. High shock absorption, uniformity, and practicality make these floors something everyone should consider for new construction and renovations alike.

Elasticity Illustration

Sports Flooring Elasticity

To understand the value of using combination systems, it is important to know the basics of flooring elasticity and how it applies to sports. There are essentially two types: point-elastic and area-elastic. These terms describe how a floor responds to vertical impact. Point-elastic floors deform in a more localized area, while area-elastic floors have a wider area of deflection. To learn more visit the Sports Flooring Guide or contact a Tarkett Sports representative to set up a lunch & learn presentation for 1 HSW learning unit.

Lumaflex Detail

Recessed Slabs are Opportunities, Not Obstacles

If your gym renovation has a recessed concrete slab, your flooring choices are not as limited as you might think. There are alternatives to installing the same old hardwood system again. In fact, many schools regret installing hardwoods because of the high cost of maintenance and lack of multipurpose functionality. They would prefer a resilient surface that is more cost effective. So how do you bridge the gap between an 8 mm profile and a 60 mm profile? The best answer is using a combination system with a resilient surface. For example, Tarkett Sports’ Lumaflex system uses a stackable foam pad and a birch substructure to “build up” a resilient sports floor like Omnisports™ and add high shock absorption values in the process. Lumaflex has Class 4 shock absorption per ASTM F2772, which is comparable to top-of-the-line hardwood systems. But unlike hardwoods, Lumaflex has near perfect performance uniformity (no dead spots) and an easy to clean multi-use surface. With a combination system, a recessed slab isn’t a problem. It’s an opportunity for improvement that your client will thank you for.


Combination Systems are Taking Hold in the US

Combination systems are widely used in Europe for good reason. They provide high shock absorption with consistent game play and easy maintenance. No one knows that more than Bryan Nixon, Head of School at the Whitby School in Greenwich, Connecticut. Before coming to the Whitby School, Bryan helped oversee a new sports hall at the Bavarian International School in Germany. We it was time for the Whitby School to build a new athletic center, he knew the benefits of a combi-elastic floor. The school chose Tarkett Sports’ Lumaflex system with an Omnisports™ surface. Today, The Whitby School can host anything from a dinner event to a basketball exhibition by the Harlem Wizards. Click the video link above to hear Bryan Nixon describe the Whitby School’s new athletic center.

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