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Indoor Sports Monthly – April 2016

Volume 5, Issue 7

When comparing sports surfaces, functionality should always win over features. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly explores how wear layer thickness does not always translate to performance if it isn’t measured according to ASTM F1303.

Omnisports Installation

Installation Made Simple

When it comes to installing Tarkett Sports’ most popular multi-use sports surface, there are a variety of options. The reason for this is that every project has its own characteristics, such as high moisture, expansion joints, or existing floors that must be addressed in different ways. For example, installation using the Tarkolay moisture barrier is the only system that will work to bridge expansion joints. To make things easy, a new page has been added to that offers brief overviews of each method. This will help you determine which installation method is best for you.

Wear Layer Cartoon

Wear Layers: Considering Functionality Over Thickness

When you buy a car, do you compare models based on the diameter of the steering wheel? Or the height of the tail lights? What about the width of the dashboard?

It is more likely you would consider things like horsepower, gas mileage, or trunk capacity. Why? Because these measurements are related to functionality. They have an effect on the car’s performance, which directly relates to your experience of it.

Likewise, a resilient flooring wear layer is only as good as its function, which according to ASTM F1303 is to protect the pattern. Unfortunately, some flooring manufacturers are currently using a nonstandard definition that is not relevant to performance. For example, one product claims to have a wear layer that is 2.1 mm thick, however the pattern layer is located about 0.5 mm from the surface. This means that the 1.6 mm below the pattern serves no protective function. The intent here is to look better on paper, not necessarily in reality.

When you evaluate sports flooring, keep functionality in mind. Consider the factors that affect performance and look for standards that the entire industry is subject to, like ASTM F1303. This way, you will know that the number provided is tied to real performance and not just for show. If you are having trouble sorting this all out, contact a Tarkett Sports representative for help on getting the sports floor you expect.

More than Just a Sports Floor

Ottawa Recreation CenterIt is not uncommon for an athletic floor to become more than a surface for basketball or volleyball. In Ottawa, Kansas, the community center has become just that. It regularly hosts non-sporting events such as political meetings, proms, and even the occasional quilting bee and square dance. Listen to Director Tommy Sink describe the events held at the Ottawa Recreation Center and how Tarkett Sports’

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