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Indoor Sports Monthly – April 2015

Volume 4, Issue 7

Building materials and furnishings interact with one another, and sports flooring is no exception. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly explores how to consider athletic flooring as part of the whole.

Omnisports in <1 Minute Video

GreenLay™ Explained in <1 Minute

No innovation has changed sports flooring quite like GreenLay™. Not only has it allowed faster installation and higher moisture tolerance, but it has also greatly reduced waste and made recycling easier. If you are new to GreenLay™, click the video link above for an introduction that takes less than 1 minute.

The More You Know, The Better

The key to successful sports flooring lies in the specific details of each project. As you know, every building material is interconnected with other materials and conditions. To truly choose the right sports flooring system, it is important to understand how it will interact with the site. This includes substrates and moisture conditions, but it also includes less obvious factors. For example, the type of equipment used on the floor (tables, chairs, exercise equipment, etc.) can influence the overall performance of athletic flooring; some equipment may not be designed for particular flooring systems. Activities can also be an influence. The right sports floor can differ depending on how the space will be utilized. For instance, weight room floors require very different performance criteria than basketball floors. With all this complexity, it is important to have a knowledge resource you can rely on. Tarkett Sports has local representatives that are experts in athletic flooring. Consulting a professional is one way to avoid potential pitfalls. As an AIA Continuing Education Provider, Tarkett also offers a “Lunch & Learn” course that covers the basics of sports flooring, which earns 1 Learning Unit in health, safety, and welfare. If you are interested in scheduling a session, contact us at 888-364-6541 or visit

Introducing Lumaflex

Tarkett Sports has recently introduced Lumaflex to the North American market. Lumaflex is a combination system that is widely popular in Europe. It combines the benefits of a point-elastic surface, such as Omnisports, with an area-elastic substructure. The result is Class 4 shock absorption (ASTM F2772) with easy maintenance and high performance uniformity. Lumaflex has a GREENGUARD Gold shock-absorbing cushion that can adjust to meet the profile of an existing recessed slab. This makes it the perfect upgrade for an aging hardwood system. For more information, contact a Tarkett Sports representative or visit

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