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Indoor Sports Monthly

  • Indoor Sports Flooring Monthly – March 2016 03.31.2016

    Volume 5, Issue 6

    Providing recreation for an entire community is not easy. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly shows how Tarkett can provide one solution for all your sports surface needs, including... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Flooring Monthly – February 2016 02.29.2016

    Volume 5, Issue 5

    If you had to rebuild your sports facility, what would you do differently? This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly offers the perspective of two athletic professionals on rebuilding... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Flooring Monthly – January 2016 01.31.2016

    Volume 5, Issue 4

    Surface friction is a key part of maintaining a safe playing surface for athletes. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly highlights how cleaning practices can affect friction as... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Flooring Monthly – December 2015 12.31.2015

    Volume 5, Issue 3

    Doing the right thing” doesn’t always go unnoticed. Tarkett’s environmental initiatives have made it a finalist in the Circular Economy Multinational awards among other companies... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Flooring Monthly – November 2015 11.30.2015

    Volume 5, Issue 2

    It’s rare to have the opportunity to turn a problem into an advantage. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly shows how Lumaflex can do just that in renovations with recessed... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Flooring Monthly – October 2015 10.31.2015

    Volume 5, Issue 1

    Adding color can turn an ordinary gym into a one-of-a-kind sports facility. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly offers some good reasons to get colorful with your flooring... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Flooring Monthly – September 2015 09.30.2015

    Volume 4, Issue 12

    With pad and pour polyurethane flooring, there are several options to consider. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly explores the reasons you may not want to use a pigmented wear... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – August 2015 08.31.2015

    Volume 4, Issue 11

    Does your recreation of fitness center have something for everyone? This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly explores how noncompetitive tracks can provide fitness opportunities for any age and... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – July 2015 07.31.2015

    Volume 4, Issue 10

    How do you evaluate and compare the sports performance properties of athletic flooring? This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly introduces the North American sports flooring standard: ASTM F2772.... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – June 2015 06.30.2015

    Volume 4, Issue 9

    Pairing your choice of flooring with your fitness equipment is important. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly explains why coated dumbbells should be paired with recycled rubber to avoid... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – May 2015 05.31.2015

    Volume 4, Issue 8

    Warranties are a fundamental part of your sports floor, but it can be the most difficult part to objectively measure. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly offers tips on how to evaluate and... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – April 2015 04.30.2015

    Volume 4, Issue 7

    Building materials and furnishings interact with one another, and sports flooring is no exception. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly explores how to consider athletic flooring as part of... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – March 2015 03.31.2015

    Volume 4, Issue 6

    Purchasing indoor sports flooring can be complex. To simplify ordering, it can be beneficial to use a Cooperative Purchasing Program, like Smart Buy, which gives you the industry's best... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – February 2015 02.28.2015

    Volume 4, Issue 5

    Knowing how a space will be used is the most important part of successful sports flooring. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly explores the unique indoor environments created by Hot Yoga.... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – January 2015 01.31.2015

    Volume 4, Issue 4

    Resiliency is a critical factor in successful multi-use flooring. It is essential to shock absorption, but also influences other functionality. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – December 2014 12.31.2014

    Volume 4, Issue 3

    Indoor air quality has become a chief concern in the design of sports facilities, especially in schools. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly highlights the FloorScore certification and... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – November 2014 11.30.2014

    Volume 4, Issue 2

    The first step in a game plan is knowing your options. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly offers some information on how to approach sports flooring projects with high moisture... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – October 2014 10.31.2014

    Volume 4, Issue 1

    A hardwood basketball court can be a great asset to your sports program, but make sure you know how to protect your investment. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly provides guidance on... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – September 2014 09.30.2014

    Volume 3, Issue 12

    The key to sports flooring success is pairing the right floor with the right sport. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly offers resources for selecting the best type of floor for a... +SHOW

  • Indoor Sports Monthly – August 2014 08.29.2014

    Volume 3, Issue 11

    Tarkett Sports is not just a leader in indoors sports. FieldTurf and Beynon take “the ultimate surface experience” outdoors to the field and track. This issue introduces Tarkett’s... +SHOW