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Fitness and Weight Training

Fitness centers and weight rooms have unique performance and practical requirements when it comes to flooring. For example, weight room flooring needs to absorb the impact of free weights and withstand heavy traffic. Fitness flooring needs to accommodate heavy equipment. With these considerations in mind, it quickly becomes clear that flooring for these applications is very distinct.

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Weight room and fitness flooring are unlike other applications when comes to performance considerations in that they are not intended as competitive surfaces. Instead, they facilitate exercise and physical training. Below are a few questions to guide the selection of a suitable fitness or weight room floor.

Will the activities in the area include free weight exercise?

If the weight room of fitness area will include free weights, it is important that the flooring be able to withstand dropped weights. This means that they will need to have adequate impact absorption, which may not be present in other sports flooring solutions. Vulcanized rubber and recycled rubber are the most capable of absorbing impact.

Is portability required?

Some flooring options are available in tiles. These tiles typically lock together with either an interlocking tongue and grove system or hidden dowel system. Tile flooring that connects in this way can commonly be installed without adhesive and therefore can be moved with relative ease. If the floor needs to be portable, this could be a deciding factor.

Will the area contain heavy electronic exercise equipment?

Some fitness flooring options like Tarkett Sports’ Droptile have a unique subsurface that will allow cables and wires from exercise equipment to be routed underneath the floor. This type of consideration is important to avoid tripping hazards and create a safe workout area for facility users.

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